Imo certifikat

Food Quality Certificate IMO Switzerland

Leopolda Mandića bb
88320 Ljubuški
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel/fax: +387 39 833 098

Contact persons:
Nikola Rozić, manager
Stipe Jukić, ing. manager

Production and processing of organic seasonings, aromatic herbs and essential oils ROING d.o.o.

Roing Ltd is private enterprise established in 1993. Basic company’s activities are:

plantation and processing of aromatic and medical herbs and seasonings, essential oils distillation, production of seedlings and collection and purchasing of wild herbs. The company started with the production based on the advantages of Herzegovina Region: many sunny days, Mediterranean climate, branchy system of Neretva river basin, ecologically clean area.

Ecological cultivation of seasonings and  medical herbs
Ecological cultivation of seasonings and medical herbs

Medical herbs processing
Medical herbs processing

Plantation of lavender
Plantation of lavender

Presently Roing’s dehydration facility is one of the largest dehydration facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On it’s plantations Roing cultivates lavender, rosemary, parsley and oregano that is further used for processing.

Cooperation with farmers

Except own cultivation fields, Roing works on expansion of production in cooperation with farms and farmers. Produced and processed products have proved high quality with authorized institutions and awards received on fairs. The marked recognized the quality of Roing’s products a long time ago thus many products are exported! Roing’s products are on the shelves of shops all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Essential Oils

Essential oil Immortelle
Essential oil

Essential oil  Laurel
Essential oil

Herbal essential oils are highly evaporating products with strong smell. The essential oils processing methods are: distillation, extraction and pressing.

Roing Ltd. Ljubuški,, produces essential oils in its modern facility using distillation method with water steam. We can offer You 26 different essential oils.
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Ecological Food Production Certificate

Ecological food production
Ecological food production

Due to ecologically clean environment we are producing only organic food, without pesticides or any other dangerous additives.

Our products are certified with Swiss certification body IMO.

Seasonings- Production and packaging

Seasonings and essential oils
Seasonings and essential oils

Roing produces seasonings, sorts it, dehydrate and pack for the market. Except own products for market we also pack other seasonings and mixtures. All seasonings are packed in attractive packages!
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