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Food Quality Certificate IMO Switzerland

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Contact persons:
Nikola Rozić, manager
Stipe Jukić, ing. manager

Seasonings – cultivation and processing

začinsko bilje Roing

Lots of sunny days during whole year are guarantee for successful cultivation of high quality seasonings. In Roing we cultivate several varieties of seasonings (parsley, celery, dill, basilica, oregano, rosemary). After harvesting seasonings are processed and prepared for packaging in accordance to the ECO certificate for food quality IMO.

začini u setu
Attractive and high-quality products – seasonings ROING!

Seasonings Packed for Market

People always used seasonings in food preparation and those become unavoidable as well in modern kitchens. Depending of wishes and needs, except basic seasonings we can offer you seasonings mixtures.


Seasonings from our production are packed in several different types of packaging:

  • glass bottles of 110 ml
  • bags from 10 g - 1000 g
  • boxes
Seasonings are packed by modern packaging standards and in high quality packaging. For caterers and large consumers we offer packaging in begs.

Seasoning Mixtures

Mješavine začina Roing

Carefully selected mixtures of natural seasonings and kitchen salt are prepared for delicious food preparations. We selected seasonings taking into the consideration different meals.


  • Mixture of Mediterranean seasonings
  • Mixture – seasonings Curry
  • Mixture of seasonings for barbeque meat
  • Mixture of seasonings for backing

Začini na polici
Seasonings on Roing racks

As a specialty in our offer we provide sets of seasonings in attractive packaging and appropriate racks.
Anise Basilica Pine berries Celery
Cinnamon Ginger Cumin Clove
Fennel Dill Coriander Kitchen salt
Laurel leaf Garlic – powder Garlic – granulated Marjoram
Nutmeg Oregano Pepper – milled Pepper – milled white
Pepper seed Pepper seed white Paprika-hot Paprika - sweet
Parsley Allspice Rosemary Sesame



plantation cultivation and processing of aromatic and medical herbs and seasonings, distillation of essential oils, seedlings production, collection and purchasing of wild herbs